““Helping women heal from their past and confidently and consciously create a new powerful version of themselves”


My Mission


My name is Lindsay Nash and I am a Self- Confidence Coach. I’m qualified in many different modalities such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Life Coaching and Inner Child Healing.
It is my mission to empower women who are struggling with low self-worth and lack of confidence to find their inner power and begin to develop a new and more confident self, so they can live a life free from shame and the fear of judgement
I help women discover who they truly are and to develop the confidence required to step out of fear and anxiety and into a new identity where they feel happy and supported being themselves.

Through working with me either 1:1 or through my group programmes and online courses my clients discover a self-confidence and strength that they never knew they had, that enables them to powerfully and consciously create an exceptional new life.

To find out more about me and how I overcame severe low self-esteem and zero self-confidence after suffering from childhood trauma, years of domestic abuse, and a very painful marriage breakup, go to the ‘About me’ section. .

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Helping women live happier lives”

~ Lindsay Nash

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Single Mum Shame at 43!!

Single Mum Shame at 43!!

Single Mum shame hit me badly when my marriage suddenly ended. I was 43 years old and to the outside world, we were happily married. We were financially stable and had a great friendship and were both fully engaged in our children's lives. However, this all changed...

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