Meet Lindsay

Hi my name is Lindsay Nash

Hi. My name is Lindsay Nash and I’m a 45 yr old (shhhhh) single Mum to 5 children. 3 are fully-fledged adults now and the youngest are 7 and 10. 

I started the journey of self-development when my marriage of 15 years broke down after my husband had an affair in 2019. I had dabbled slightly before but what was to come literally blew my socks off.


Where it all Started

In 2019 I was at rock bottom. My husband had left us and my self-worth was at an all time low. I knew I had to do something to get myself and my children through this extremely difficult time. I wanted to minimise the long-term mental effects on my children that divorce can bring. I was determined to get them through this and I knew I needed to get my arse off the floor and find my inner warrior. 

That is exactly what I did.



The Rising

I went online and sourced coaches, courses and support. I found a therapist. I started going to a boxing gym; that later led to me competing in a boxing match that I won in front of my family and friends (my proudest moment). I started meditation. I read tons of books and I discovered podcasts. I worked on healing from trauma and changing my mindset on a DAILY basis. I began to completely change my mental state from barely surviving to absolutely thriving.


In 2020 I was even part of a collaboration book, in which I told my story of trauma and abuse and how I’d uncovered this inner power to completely transform my life. It only went and became an Amazon bestseller making me a bestselling author!! Crazy right?? .. Only 12 months before I’d been a wine-guzzling train wreck that completely hated herself and had the self-confidence of a snail (not sure what their self-confidence is like but I couldn’t think of another word). 

Throughout my healing journey, I learned so much about myself. I also became obsessed with neuroscience and the power of the subconscious mind and its ability to make you or break you!! It’s insane when you actually discover how powerful you truly are. 

I learned how the impact of witnessing my mother being physically and emotionally abused by my drunken father throughout my early childhood conditioned me to make me feel scared, not good enough, and also abandoned. I was badly bullied at school too, which further ingrained the belief that I wasn’t worthy and my well-being didn’t mean much to others. 

Because of these heavily entrenched beliefs that I had developed at an early age, I went on to choose relationships with men that further deepened the belief that I didn’t deserve love and that I wasn’t worthy of anything more or better. I was physically and emotionally abused throughout my teens and twenties until I met my husband. 

When you uncover your past pain and childhood trauma and learn to accept how it has caused you to develop completely untrue beliefs about who you are, you begin to heal. You begin to understand yourself at such a deep level and you develop compassion for yourself and a deep feeling of self-love, rather than self-pity and self-loathing. It is life-changing. 

Once you piece together the magical jigsaw of who you are you truly get to see yourself in a new light. 

Each of our lives is like a huge tapestry of events that create our thoughts and beliefs and they then shape our outer world as we live in accordance with our beliefs. 

I am Lindsay Nash. There is no other me. There never will be. None of us are the same. We are all amazing individuals that have extraordinary power within us just waiting to be unleashed. That is exactly what I help women do. To discover who they truly are and unleash their inner power so they can live happier and more confident lives.

Helping women heal from their past and confidently and consciously create a new powerful version of themselves.