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Who Can My Courses Can Help
  • The woman who is open-minded and ready to learn a new way of thinking.
  • The woman who understands that their life is a collection of choices they have made due to their belief systems. 
  • The woman who is ready to take action and implement changes.
  • The woman who knows there is more to life but is too scared, overwhelmed, and confused.
  • The woman that is ready to be accountable and is excited, but at the same time terrified to take the steps to create true happiness in theirs and their children’s lives. 
  • The woman who is ready to let me believe in them before they believe in themselves.


Who my Courses Can’t Help
  • The woman who has a victim mentality and blames everything and everyone for their problems.
  • The woman who is not ready to take a deep dive into their current lives will inevitably be a little uncomfortable (without discomfort there can be no change).
  • The woman who is defensive when faced with the truth.
  • The negative Nora who looks for the bad in everything. (You can’t find the light if you’re not prepared to leave the dark).
  • The woman who is not committed to taking the action steps for change and thinks that just buying a course will create a better life. I’m sorry to tell you but I can give you the tools but if you choose not to use them and expect change then my courses are not for you.
Do you currently offer 1:1 work?

Yes, I offer 1:1 coaching, please fill in the contact form if you wish to arrange a free 30 minute consultation.

Are your products only suitable for mums?

My products are based around the mindset of an overwhelmed Mum that has low self-esteem and knows there is more to life than her current situation and wants help in getting out of the rut she is in. For this reason, I would say they are only suitable for mums but if you want to DM or email me with further details I would be happy to have a chat with you.

Do you offer refunds on your products?

Due to the downloadable content of all of my resources and the low cost of them, I do not offer refunds.