It’s Not For People Like You

by | Apr 28, 2020

Did you know that everyone has limiting beliefs? Beliefs that set the ceiling for how they live their lives. Yes, that’s right even high achievers, the millionaires, the billionaires!! We all have them! It’s what you do about them that is the key to success and fulfillment. 

Not Living the Life You Feel Truly Happy With??… This is one of the Big Reasons Why Not!  

If you are frustrated by not living the life that makes you fulfilled and you are always looking left and right at others and wishing your life was like theirs and wondering why it isn’t, then let me tell you girlfriend it is simply because your upper limits that have been created by your belief system have determined your view on the world but more importantly have defined how you look at yourself and what you can achieve and even what you deserve. 

‘If you want to make minor changes to your life, work on your behaviour. If you want to make quantum leap changes then work on your paradigms’ Stephen R Covey.

The BS Stories You Have Been Told Since Childhood Have Shaped Your Beliefs and Held You Back!!! 

Wow!! Let me tell you something once you begin to uncover your limiting beliefs only then can you begin to live the life you have always wanted. Up until then you just exist thinking that life is ok and only the clever, lucky, rich, special people can live the life of their dreams. You may be grateful for what you have, and you accept a life of mediocrity and ignore that inner voice that is telling you to dare to strive for something more because it’s way too scary and it’s not for ‘people like you’. 

These stories that you tell yourself simply aren’t true. They are a bag of lies that you have been lugging around for far too long. They come from stories you were told as a child, at school, and that you made up in your own mind from the perception you had of the world around you.  You were not born with them and they mask reality and keep you from achieving the life you crave, the happiness you deserve, and more importantly from living your life to your true purpose which is where you find ultimate fulfillment. 

Stop Living Your Life Aligned With a False Reality

So, I have discovered my purpose in life and although it may take different paths I am fully aware of my goals and the steps I need to take to achieve them. 

Here comes the hard part though……..

Like you, I have a ton of limiting beliefs from my childhood, from years of abuse from partners and being told I wasn’t good enough and from various different failures (that I now know helped me grow but at the time only reinforced my belief that I was stupid and not capable of greatness). 

However, after lots of coaching, reading, studying and self-development work I recognise these limiting beliefs when they rear their ugly heads and I tell myself

‘erm, Lindsay that is just another one of those BS stories you made up about yourself remember’,

and then I face my fear and do the thing I wanted to do. I no longer look at life through a distorted lens created by my belief system.

Let me tell you something my friend, once you get to that place, you feel like the whole world has been lifted off your shoulders and you start to dream again and realise that you CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO. It’s truly magical and I advise you to start the journey of getting there TODAY!! If you’ve already started it then I salute you and I’ve got your back and I’m here to grab you if you trip up (which we all do… that’s life).

Go Smash Those Upper Limits Girlfriend and Start Building Your Dreams!! 

So, in a nutshell, once you recognise your LIMITING (that word is important) beliefs and stop making decisions based on them ie:

  • I can’t get that job,
  • I can’t start that business,
  • No decent man/woman would want to be with me,
  • I am not clever enough,
  • That’s not for people like me,

and understand its the beliefs that are making you play small and is causing you all that anxiety. That is when you can start taking small steps and then giant leaps into what is your true reality and create the life you really want. 

Show Your Children How to Crush Life! It’s Your Duty!

As a Mum and a role model to my children, it is my duty to stop living in alignment with my limiting beliefs and live the life I truly dream of so that they will too. It’s not an option for me and I advise you, beautiful souls, to not let it be an option for you!! Remember you CAN do anything if you believe!! Dreams are 100% NOT built in your comfort zone. Call it a cliche but I call it my mantra. 

Thanks so much for reading. Please check out my website and feel free to share my love and support with your family and friends and if you want to subscribe to my blog or work alongside me then I would absolutely be so blessed to hear from you. 

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I believe in you… now go do it!!

Lots of Love and Courage,

Lindsay Nash xx


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Meet Lindsay

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