The Journey of Happiness and Fulfilment Starts With Self Love

by | Apr 28, 2020

This article follows on nicely from my previous article recognising your limiting beliefs. 

How many times do you tell yourself shitty/negative things during one day?? My guess is unless you have practiced mindset and personal growth for some time then I’d say quite a lot right? I know I used to, way too much. I would say things to myself daily like

‘oh gosh Lindsay you’re such an idiot’ or

‘oh no I can’t play that I’m crap at it’ or

‘I can’t wear those I’m way too short I’ll look stupid’.

Now you may think they are not such bad things to say to yourself. Well, let me put it this way my friends would you say those little short bursts of negativity to your best friend, to your child, or even to a stranger? No, you wouldn’t because it would hurt their feelings. Got you thinking?? 

Yes, that’s right most of us spend all day every waking hour hurting our own feelings and putting dents in our already pretty smashed up self-esteem. We are treating ourselves like shite basically and you can’t learn to love yourself while you are constantly putting yourself down.

Your mind will either be your best friend or your worst enemy!! It is a constant battle between you and yourself. 

Celebrate You

This is something that may feel uncomfortable at first if you are used to putting yourself down. You have formed a very bad habit that needs to be undone. It is very achievable though. I’m going to share with you some steps you can do to begin the journey of self-love and healing. This will then start to enable you to give and receive love much more and prevent you from getting in your own way of happiness. 

Step One: What are your strengths?? .. We are taught all through our lives to focus on our weaknesses and practice more and more to get better at something we don’t enjoy or struggle with. Well, now I’m asking you to scrap that old way of teaching and focus on the things you are good at. 

I don’t want to hear that ‘I’m not very good at anything really’ because that is bull shit and everyone is good at something. In fact, I believe that everyone is excellent at something and we all also have genius in us too!! You just may not have discovered what it is yet but I promise you it’s there, you are just not listening hard enough. This could be as simple as being a good friend, baking the best cakes, being patient and kind.

Have a think about 5 things you’re good at….. Write them down if you want or just say them out loud. 

Step Two: Ask your best friend, husband, or child to list your strengths as they may come up with ones you didn’t even think of. 

Step 3: Celebrate them!! Don’t do the automatic self-sabotage and say negative things about them. Celebrate them. Baking is one of my weaknesses. Only because I don’t eat cake and therefore have no desire to bake!! Many of your strengths will come from your interests and that is because most of what we are interested in are what we are good at!! Because our minds like to stay ‘comfortable’ and therefore they say ‘oh I’m good at that so I will do that again and again’. Practice makes perfect.

So Now off You Go my Friend and Start Your Happiness Journey

So now I need you to go and practice celebrating your wins and your achievements no matter how small. It’s not your job to tell yourself how big the wins are but I will tell you something if you keep celebrating the small wins and getting into the habit of talking nicely to yourself you will start to see some bigger and bigger wins emerge as your confidence grows, your belief in yourself starts to flourish and then woo hoo the happiness meter will start to sore!! 

It ain’t all about money and cars my friends. Happiness really is a choice that starts with the inner game, and guess what it ends with? the inner game too. 

Thanks for reading and I hope this has helped inspire you on your self-discovery journey. 

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Now off you go and celebrate you!! 

Lots of love and Courage 

Lindsay Nash xx


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Meet Lindsay

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