Unlock Your Inner Confidence

Get ready to fully own the courageous and inspirational woman that you truly are.

Unlock Your Inner Confidence

Get ready to fully own the courageous and inspirational woman that you truly are.

This is your year to reinvent yourself and fee truly happy, confident, and looking forward to your abundant future. Get ready to connect with your couragous higher self and naturally achieve anything you set your heart and mind to and receive all that the universe has planned for you.

Who Is This For?

You’re struggling with self belief and constantly saying to yourself that ‘I’m not good enough’

You’re exerting too much energy and emotion on things that you cannot control.

You feel anxious and uncomfortable around certain people and as a result feel stressed and resentful.

You’re struggling to find time for yourself as worrying  about your finances, your children feels like a full time job.

What is included?



In this video training, you’ll become self-aware of the deep-rooted beliefs that create your choices and your reality. You’ll uncover your unique subconscious beliefs and why you keep repeating patterns in your life that are not serving your growth.



In this video training you’ll learn how you speak to yourself really matters and is toxic for your self-confidence. Using positive affirmations with an emotional shift you’ll watch your self-confidence soar.



>In this video you’ll uncover why self-love is deeper than self-care and is the key to self-worth. You’ll learn a practice to raise your self-worth and the bar of what you’ll tolerate in our life that will create a new life experience.



Get support from Lindsay and the team  in our community along with other  like-minded women all on the same journey as you – ready to cheer you on.

Having Lindsay Nash come into my life and teach me her motivational techniques is probably the closest experience I’ve ever had to meeting a Guardian Angel. To say I was suicidal is an understatement. I’d lost all sense of reality, self worth and any value I had in myself as a person. Negativity consumed my every thought, I was completely overwhelmed and unable to comprehend that I could ever manage my life, let alone enjoy it.

No one has ever been able to achieve the results that Lindsay Nash has. Lindsay has been able to teach me how to transform my mindset, I’m now able to make choices in how I think and feel, resulting in a positive outlook and feeling empowered in a way I’ve never experienced before.

My thanks to Lindsay in infinite.

Everyone should have this woman in their life because what she teaches and the results you achieve, are priceless.

– Jill Dowling

My power hour with Lindsay was great. She’s very down to earth and put me at ease straight away. 

She really brought me out of my comfort zone (talking about very personal things ) but I’m glad she did. 

She’s given me lots of advice and tools to help me going forward and I already feel much more validated and have more belief in myself. (She really is this good).

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lindsay and would definitely do this again.

– Claire

Since joining Mum Warriors, I have had the courage to iron out some niggles in my life. Following some of the blogs and the Vibration course I decided I was stopping myself from making a decision that would make such a difference to my life.

I am much happier now, I am no longer around some toxic people that were bringing me down. My husband has even noticed how much happier I am and nicer to live with. So thank you for creating the group and helping so many with coping with home schooling to leaving abusive relationships.

– Jane

My Power Hour with Lindsay was incredible. Lindsay’s enthusiasm, passion and energy really transferred to me throughout the talk. I felt completely safe, relaxed and heard. My issues were taken on board and as we discussed and delved deeper I discovered things I hadn’t realised about myself before.

By the end of the video call I felt so empowered and so encouraged that my steps for change had become visual and real. I had actions in place to implement and exercises to complete. Lindsay also signposted me to lots of helpful techniques that were specific to my personal development. This was relayed to me in a feedback form from Lindsay which was so helpful as I can relay back this and ensure I am following the steps to improve and enhance my life.

Thank you for being an instrumental part in the positive changes that are now occurring in my life.

– Victoria Ireland

I reached out to Lindsay when I realised I needed to make some changes in a few areas of my life. Lindsay was beginning to share her coaching information on social media and I was interested in finding out more.

Over a period of one week, Lindsay and I reflected together on some of the areas that were holding me back, but rather than create an opportunity for me to wallow in self-pity, she directed me to think about my strengths, goals and build confidence.

Lindsay’s openness about her own challenges allows you to share common ground and drops any expectation of perfection that there can be on social media.

Speaking with Lindsay created a real turning point for me last year, and I’ve been on a self-development journey ever since.

Thank you Lindsay. 

– Hannah

Being part of Mum Warriors is the feeling of being part of a wider community of incredible and inspiring women. Its a place to feel safe and valid and encouraged by fellow warriors.

I feel I have found my Tribe of ladies and have made connections on deep, personal levels.

We are each on a journey and feeling part of that, and being able to share my own, is extremely special.

It’s like dropping in on a friend for a cuppa and putting the world to rights.

It’s uplifting, positive, fun and supportive.

– Victoria

Welcome Darling!

I am Lindsay Nash

Single mother to five children. Yep, that’s right five children! .. however two of them are grown-up aged 24 and 21, and one of them is almost all grown up at 16. Then there are my little ones aged 8 and 5 who, as you get to know me a little more you will know them as my ‘babies’. 3 girls and 2 boys!! My eldest is a boy and my youngest is a very strong-willed 5-year-old pocket rocket.

I was a single mum when I was 19 years old on and off until I was 28 when I met my now estranged husband of 14 years.

The spark had died. Which is very common in relationships of 14 years I know. I began to resent the way he treated me and vice versa. Almost a year to the day from writing this my husband left the family home and decided he didn’t want married life anymore. I knew instantly that he had met someone else. When you know you know, right?

I have been a total self-development and positive psychology addict since 2016. The methods that I had learned over the years really helped me in getting through this time in my life. I was working daily on my mindset. I was practicing techniques I had learned, reading book after book. Having my earphones in at any given opportunity listening to positivity, motivation, and inspiration.

I hated myself. I blamed myself for everything. I felt I had ruined my children’s lives. I must have made him hate me. It was my fault that he left. I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t enough for him. I had never been enough for anyone. These are the stories I was telling myself. But my children needed me.

I wanted to find my spark again.

So I started working out daily. I started boxing, running, and HIIT training. I did several things that I was terrified of and soon realised I really needed to get my arse out of my comfort zone if I was going to create a new and better life for myself.

I slowly began to feel better.

To feel empowered. I actually began to love myself. I started telling myself well done. Something I’d never done before. I’ve completed some life coaching courses and really started to implement everything I’ve learned into my own life and watched the positive changes begin to happen!

I am on a mission with a purpose.

I have defined my values and I am determined to live my life in alignment with them and encourage and support as many women as I can to do the same!!

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